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Meet the Founder

DR. JORGE R. DIAZ is President & CEO of ISSTA and brings 30 years of experience in education.

Before founding ISSTA, Dr. Diaz was Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at Higher Education Management Associates, an international educational consulting firm with offices in the US, Europe, and Latin America. In his executive role he worked effortlessly to improve efficiency and effectiveness at several educational institutions nationally and internationally. As a result, Dr. Diaz successfully introduced a number of interventions culminating in improved performance leadership, and through technological innovation, provided links to untapped organizational knowledge resulting in improved quality of education. Dr. Diaz has also served in leadership capacities at Florida International University, the US Department of Education, and ​ Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Throughout his leadership Dr. Diaz has had a keen ability to anticipate and respond to many organizational challenges, and has made numerous presentations to discuss the current and future state of education along with new trends in education. He has been recognized by his peers with numerous awards, and is fully bilingual in English, Spanish and speaks basic French. His interests include the arts, cultural diplomacy, and outdoor activities.

Dr. Diaz holds a Bachelor's degree in International Relations, Master's degree in Public Administration, Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Theology, and a completed dissertation for a Doctor of Educational Administration. Along with his academic credentials, Dr. Diaz brings professional expertise in teaching, mentoring, organizational development, strategic planning, staff development, policy, research, public speaking, program and leadership development, team building, negotiation, organizational leadership, international relations, resolution, and budget management.

"At ISSTA, we will constantly evolve as a school and family unit. We work together to bring the utmost respected and qualified faculty, as well as ensure operations, improvement, credentials, and all processes are consistently followed. These challenging day to day operations utilize the great talent of so many individuals specially our Executive Team. While ISSTA currently seeks additional C-Level Executives as we move forward, we have been successful in leveraging the expertise of our esteemed BOARD OF TRUSTEES to help on this amazing journey.

It will be our greatest privilege and honor to serve our students and by extension, their parents. We welcome the opportunity to take the educational experience of ALL our students to the next level, and without a doubt our incoming 9th grade students and parents will say: ISSTA is "the school of tomorrow, TODAY!" 

Board of Trustees

The ISSTA Board of Trustees is a group of individuals who volunteer their time to offer their unique talents and experiences to ensure the school's success. The Board members play a very significant role through their involvement and leadership. Their contributions shape ISSTA as a major educational, cultural, and economic resource, while serving the educational needs of all our students.


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Miguel Angel Escotet received his Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska and his M.A. from the University of Texas at Austin. His major specialization was in Social Research and Planning and Program Evaluation in Higher Education, and Comparative and International Education and Cross–Cultural Psychology. Previously he studied Engineering, Philosophy and Clinical Psychology in Spain, Colombia and Venezuela. He received his professional license in Clinical Psychology from Javeriana University. He has been awarded with several honorary degrees and international awards for his scientific contribution in the United States, Europe and Latin America. He has served as a member of UNESCO's Advisory Committee for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean for fifteen continuous years. He received the Florida Teaching Award in recognition for outstanding classroom teaching at the undergraduate/graduate level, presented by Florida International University and the State University System of Florida, Teaching Incentive Program. In 2001 he was awarded the Frost Professorship from FIU, an academic distinction that honors faculty who distinguish themselves and inspire excellence. In September 2012 he was honored as the Houston Endowment Chair in Education at the University of Texas. In 2015 he was granted the title of Emeritus Professor by the University of Texas System. He is presently, President of Afundación, one of the largest foundations in Spain, sponsored by Abanca and President of the Universidad Intercontinental de la Empresa (UIE).  He holds the UNESCO and United Nations University Chair for History and Future of the University, one of the highest UNESCO’s honorary academic distinctions. He served as a member of the Board of Directors and chairperson of the Committee of Enhancement of Information and Networking of the Comparative and International Education Society from 1999-2004. He is presently, vice-president of The International Association for University Innovation and vice-president of the oldest Latin American Educational Association, GULERPE. He also serves, as a member of committee editors of several international academic journals.  Professor Escotet was Dean of the College of Education of the University of Texas UTRGV, Dean of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education at the University of Deusto, Bilbao. Spain. Previously, for twelve years, until 2004, he was professor of Education, Director of the International Institute of Educational Development and Associate Chair of Educational Foundations and Professional Studies Department at Florida International University. Formerly he taught in Fort Lewis College, Colorado and he was visiting faculty at Penn State University. Escotet career has mainly been focused on academics. He has taught and has been visiting professor in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States and Venezuela. Other international relevant posts he has held include President of Universidad Iberoamericana de Postgrado of Salamanca, Spain, Provost and founder of the Open National University of Venezuela, Special Counselor to UNESCO's Director General in Paris, France, Academic Dean and Dean of the School of Education of University of Oriente (50,000 students and 5 campuses) of Venezuela, Sub-secretary of the Ministry of Education of Venezuela, General Director of Planning of Venezuela, Executive Director of The Interamerican University Council for Economic and Social Development, Washington, D.C., and General Secretary (highest rank) of the Organization of Iberoamerican States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) in Madrid, Spain (An intergovernmental organization for Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries of Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia). He has been consultant to the World Bank, Interamerican Development Bank, United Nations Development Program, OECD, AOS and US AID.  Among many other international experiences in which he has been participating are president of the Latin American Association of Distance Education, president of the Latin American Association of Behavior, member of the Board of the International Society for Development, director of the Multinational Project of Educational Costs of the Organization of American States, president of the Latin American Program of New Forms of Post Secondary Education of the Interamerican Development Bank, adviser in educational planning for The World Bank.   His major research interests have focused on higher education reforms and innovations in the United States, Latin America and Europe, and on the development of research methodology in cross-cultural and transnational studies. During the past twenty-five years he raised in grants, approximately 36 million dollars for projects in educational innovation and change between Americas and Europe. He also raised several research grants in Higher Education development and international cooperation. In addition, in the past three years, he co-fundraised 14,616,704 dollars for the created Basque Institute of Competitiveness of the University of Deusto and Harvard University and $15,261,361 as external funding under his leadership in the UTB College of Education during the last four years.  He is the author of many books and numerous articles and presentations. He recently authored a book on research methodology (2017) entitled Analisis Multivariado en Ciencias Humanas (Multivariate Analysis in Human Sciences). In 2010 co-authored a book entitled The Scientific Activity in the University published by UNESCO/United Nations University and Palermo.  a book with Villa & Goñi (2008), Model of Innovation in Higher Education and co-edited (2007) for GUNI, OECD and UNESCO, Higher Education in the World 2006 published by Palgrave Macmillan.   One of his most popular books (2004) Psychosocial and Cultural Nature of Education reflects his continuing scholarly concerns on interdisciplinary of educational process within cross-cultural perspectives. Other recent books related to international/Intercultural themes and Higher Education Innovation are: University and Evolvement. Between Certitude and Uncertainty, Cultural and Social Foundations of Education, Aprender para el futuro  (Learning for the Future), Educación y desarrollo desde la perspectiva sociológica (Education and Development from the Sociological Perspective), Evaluación institucional universitaria (Institutional Evaluation of the University), Culture Influence on Behavior coauthored with R. Serpell, Tendencias de la Educación Superior a Distancia (Tendencies of Distance Higher Education) and Mission and Trends of the University published by UNESCO. He also published two major methodology books, Diseño Multivariado en Psicología y Educación (Multivariate Design in Psychology and Education) and Estadística Psicoeducativa (Statistics for Psychology and Education), at the present time on its 16th edition.  Dr. Escotet was invited to participate in ISSTA Board, and he is voluntarily serving as Emeritus Professor and Chairperson of the Committee on Innovation of the Board. Professor Escotet is an American citizen originally from Spain and an international recognized scholar.


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The Executive Leadership play a very significant role through their involvement as their contributions shape ISSTA as a major educational, cultural, and economic resource, while serving the educational needs of all our students. The ISSTA Leadership Team is directly responsible for managing the school’s day-to-day operations.


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Facilities Planning, Construction & Operations

K-8 Principal

9-12 Principal


To ensure aviation program success, the ISSTA Adult Technical Academy Certificate Aviation Program will have a dedicated Advisory Panel and Director whose sole responsibility will be to oversee the Aviation program. Many of these individuals are FAA 147 certified as required by the FAA.

1)    Mike Garcia, Senior Manager, Technical Operations with United Airlines, MEMBER

2)     Kevin Kettrer, Technical Manager for Blue Origin, MEMBER

3)     Stephanie Golden, General Manager, Textron Aviation, MEMBER

4)     Jason Pocchiari, General Manager Technical Operations with Jet Blue, MEMBER

5)     Nick Moody, Senior Manager of Maintenance, Southeast Region with Frontier Airlines, MEMBER

6)     Michael Leo, Manager with Avotek, MEMBER

7)     Dan Trembley, Vice President of Business Operations with Skybridge Aviation, MEMBER

8)     Ciro Hidalgo, Principal Baker Aviation, Miami, MEMBER

9)     John Strickler, CAE, Maintenance Trainer, MEMBER

Faculty and Staff

The faculty at the International School of Science, Technology, & Aviation are highly qualified, award-winning scholars, and leaders in their professional communities. Many are published and have achieved Masters, Doctoral, and in some cases, Post Doctoral degrees.

Each of our faculty members maintains a web page, where you can learn more about their experiences, teaching and research interests, and publications. You can access their web pages for more information or contact the faculty member via email.

Read the latest news about our faculty, or visit our Innovation Incubation program to learn more about their research projects.

Although our part-time faculty bring a wealth of professional and scholarly knowledge to the courses they teach, only full-time faculty act as academic advisors.

In addition to receiving numerous awards handed out by leading professional organizations, our school honors our outstanding faculty with special awards in recognition of their teaching excellence, outstanding achievements, exemplary service, and overall hard work and dedication to ourhigh school students and the community. The Faculty and Staff Awards are announced each year in the spring for the exceptional dedication and service each member provides. Both students, and staff are able to vote for these awards motivating our faculty to achieve greater heights, be recognized for their services, and the students to feel they have an opinion on the constructs of their teaching environment.


Students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement or AICE track at ISSTA live in the community, reside in nearly all 50 U.S. states, and multiple countries across the globe. They pursue an academic program at ISSTA that encompasses diversity, integrity, and academic excellence.

Each student enjoys innovative programs with an emphasis in science, technology, and aviation. It is not uncommon to find students performing science experiments through virtual goggles or corroborate with peers in an augmented reality. These students understand the value of technology, academics and the fusion of the two. They also understand the rigorous academic requirements needed to fulfill the IB and AICE diplomas. Students at ISSTA engage with each other as well as their instructors through various social media platforms, and are eager to fulfill other opportunities that result in philanthropic community engagement. Whether the students are helping bring clean water to the African plaines, or volunteering in a food pantry mission for the indigent, they are not only evolving academically but as productive members of society. 

The great majority of the ISSTA student population go on to attend highly ranked colleges and universities, and often study abroad. By graduation, each student has a well thought out road map for their future, often ranging from medicine, to politics, business, engineering, and the like. In a future offering, students in the art program will seek to attend highly recognized institutions such as Juilliard and Tisch at New York University, where some of the brightest and talented artists have come from.