1. What is your school philosophy?

  • A positive and safe learning environment will foster respect for self as well as for others.

  • Students can acquire academic and interpersonal skills required to become lifelong learners and problem solvers.

  • The learning/development process is extended and enhanced by involvement in athletics, community service, and the arts.

  • Students should accept increasing responsibility for their actions and decisions as they progress through school.

  • Students understand, develop, and demonstrate the values associated with moral and ethical conduct in order to contribute as a member of a democratic society.

2. What qualities are you looking for in students?

  • Leadership

  • A willingness to take risks

  • Initiative

  • A sense of social responsibility

  • A commitment to service

  • Special talents or abilities

3. What are your class sizes and student-to-teacher ratios?

Student-Teacher Ratio (calculated using the reported number of students and full-time equivalent teachers)




4. What steps is the school taking to protect students from the COVID19 virus?

The following steps will be taken at ISSTA:

  • A medical professional will determine ALL necessary steps inside school buildings to protect admitted students against the COVID19 virus

  • During outside school activities everyone must remain 3 feet apart (social distancing)

  • Entering, passing, and exiting school halls will be tiered (3 feet apart), and monitored electronically. Additionally, hall monitors will aid in preventing conglomeration of students

  • Security monitors using infrared helmet cameras will identify anyone walking on campus whose body temperature is reflected as RED or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Any identified individual will be denied entry into the school building, escorted to the school nurse area who will then provide further screening and referral for testing

  • All vendor shipments and mail will be left in our secure docking area

  • The entire school site will undergo a DAILY " AntiMicrobial Protection (AMP) treatment: free of bleach, no harmful chemicals, hypolallergenice w/NO harsh fumes, molecularly bonding treated surfaces killing germs and viruses for extended periods of time

  • Our ergonomically designed classrooms will abide by federal social distancing guidelines where student sitting will be arranged 3ft apart from the other

  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available at designated areas throughout the school to students, teachers, and staff

  • Students will preorder lunch daily online, and lunch will readied by our school cafeteria staff under the strictest health guidelines. Students will then pick up and consume their lunch in our ergonomically designed cafeteria or outside sitting area which will also abide by federal social distancing guidelines

  • Electronic signs throughout the campus will advise students of the health/safety policies of the school

5. How much is tuition?

Yearly Tuition - NON Boarding

$35,000* (high-school grades/9-12) - COMING IN 2025


$18,000* (kindergarten) - COMING IN 2025

$21,000* (elementary grades/1-5) - COMING IN 2025

$27,000* (middle grades/6-8) - COMING IN 2026

*For more information, please contact the school.

6. How safe and secure is the school?

"Safety First"

Safety is extremely important at ISSTA. The administration has campus security personnel 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Emergency call columns for students to push in case of an incident are also readily available. Each living facility is equipped with emergency buttons to reach out to law enforcement in case of emergency. There is a call center site for parents to be informed during a natural disaster or otherwise. Faculty and students are also able to utilize an online form to notify the emergency call center through the ISSTA app. This will alert that someone needs helps immediately. The administration cannot stress enough the importance of security for our students, faculty, family, and our community.

7. Does ISSTA provide hybrid learning?

We all agree face-to-face education works best for students, however, COVID19 has forced K-12 and higher education institutions, nationally and internationally, to become creative in order to deal with the "new reality". For this reason, ISSTA will offer hybrid learning which means, that if for medical or family reasons you as the parent decide not to send your child to the physical school on any given day, the student will be able to log-on from anywhere in the world during class time and partake in the learning process. Likewise, faculty may teach from home (permission from Principal required) if for medical or family reasons they are unable to make it to the physical campus.

8. What extracurricular activities do you offer?

  • Student Government

  • Academic Teams and Clubs

  • Arts Teams and Clubs

  • Agriculture and Equestrian Club

  • Volunteer Work/Community Service

  • Student Radio/TV/Newspaper

  • Athletics

8. What are your teachers’ qualifications?

  • 100% of teachers are highly qualified as documented in their previous annual evaluations, and hold a minimum of a Master's degree.

9. How do you integrate technology into the classroom and throughout the campus?

  • Technology is our middle name. As students enter our campus and while in the classroom, technology will be in full display 360 degrees.

10. How do you measure individual achievement and progress?

  • Individual achievement and progress is measured on both academic and social progress.

11. What is student life like?

ISSTA is a green school where K-8 student activities enrich the intellectual, ethical and social development of the students engaging them in community involvement, leadership opportunities and weekday activities. We are committed to providing excellent programs and services that promote student self-governance, respect for diversity, civic responsibility and life-long learning.

ISSTA is also second home for our domestic & international boarding 9-12 high school students who actively participate in events/activities during after school hours and on weekends. Living on campus not only offers extensive social and academic opportunities, but also allows students to make life-long friends from different parts of the world. Being an active member of community helps our students become future leaders who have well-developed leadership & intellectual skills. Students at ISSTA explore the world through educational trips and activities more than their peers elsewhere.

12. How is your school governed and operated?

  • ISSTA is governed by a BOARD OF TRUSTEES who serve in an advisory capacity to the PRESIDENT. The PRESIDENT and the LEADERSHIP team meet on an ongoing basis to address ALL school related matters. Daily school operations are under the responsibility of the PRINCIPAL.

Other questions:

  • Financial Aid: At ISSTA, secondary students (6-12) are given a choice whether they wish to earn a scholarship for a subsequent year or not. If they opt-in, they will conduct research in the school Innovation and Incubation Hub, and ALL earned scholarship funds may ONLY be used towards tuition in subsequent school years (Y2-Y4).

  • Disciplinary Policy: ISSTA is an ALCOHOL, DRUG, WEAPON, and BULLY FREE zone for students and staff on school property or during school activities. The President or the President’s designee is authorized to impose disciplinary sanctions on students and employees (consistent with local, state, and federal law), up to and including expulsion or termination of school admission, attendance, or employment and referral for prosecution, for violations of standards of conduct required by this policy. For purposes of this policy, a disciplinary sanction may include completion of an appropriate rehabilitation program. (Florida Statutes 112.0455, 440.101, 440.102, 1001.02, 1001.64, 1006.62, I-Board Policy 1.00).

  • Religion: ISSTA is an international private, non-sectarian high school.