Our students and staff are always active on our social media pages. It is a significant part of not only the growth of a technological institution to be up to date with the times, but it is a communication tool for students, as well as an opportunity for faculty and administration to share celebrations, school news, photos, and other important aspects of our day to day lives with each other.

Studies have shown that when a faculty member understands and utilizes technology in the classroom that students find important, the performance of that student improves. The reciprocity of the relationship that the faculty member teaches something new, as does the student to his or her teacher creates a bond of engagement that stimulates performance. For this reason, ISSTA not only welcomes technology and the appropriate use of social media on campus and in the classroom, but encourages engagement through social media between our faculty and students.

It is this communication that makes ISSTA an extended family for students, administration, and parents alike.

Engage with us right here on our Social Media pages, and look out for follows, shares, and likes too! Feel free to follow us! It makes our students feel like celebrities :).