Overview of Academic Programs


At ISSTA each student has the opportunity to thrive in an educational environment that suits them best. We encourage rigorous programs that meet the needs and strengths of each student. Florida is home to several available programs, and while ISSTA thoroughly enjoys seeing its students progress to universities that recognize the AICE Diploma programs, as an educational institution we also see the prestige and popularity of the rewarding AP Course Work and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Traditional learning styles have also been the backbone of any educational system. However, today there are new methodologies that not only challenge as well as compliment the traditional primary and secondary education models, but empowers students to think, create, and manifest ventures well beyond their youth. At ISSTA, the notion of bridging academic with engineering, and technology is not only a matter of fact but rather a purpose.

From augmented reality personification in a history class, to gamified lessons in science, and flipped classrooms in the arts, students are given an educational experience that engulfs their hobbies and curricula in practicum within environmental experiences they desire to engage.

Below you will find a downloadable PDF document for you to review, which highlights some of the commonalities and differences amongst each program. As you prepare your child for entrance to a new pathway for success, we invite you to review not only what ISSTA has to offer, but what the educational system of the State Of Florida has to offer.

You may download the file here.