Travel Services and Helipad

Travel Services

As a concierge service, ISSTA also provides an extensive menu of cultural sites for students to explore around the world.

The concierge service feature at ISSTA is our Global Travel Concierge. Our Travel Agent service allows international students to register for flights and other transportation, hotel, or other services needed when traveling domestically or abroad. All travel arrangements will be made by our Global Concierge Service, and can be billed to the ISSTA Cash Card if funds are available or alternatively a student issued Credit Card from a parent.

Should a student require travel plans for a regularly scheduled break such as Winter or Summer break, the student must request a Global Concierge Agent to contact them 30 days in advance via our Global Concierge Request form here, or constant a Global Concierge Chatbot Agent through our intranet. These same forms can be utilized for a class trip, however, a Letter of Approval from the assigned faculty member authorizing the travel must be attached as well. Additionally, parents must provide a signed Travel Permission Form for any school travel along with their signature on the Liability Waiver found here.