Innovation and Incubation Certificate Program

Innovation and Incubation Certificate Program : Bright Ideas

Traditional learning styles have also been the backbone of any educational system. However, today there are new methodologies that not only challenge as well as compliment the traditional primary and secondary education models, but empowers students to think, create, and manifest ventures well beyond their youth. At ISSTA, the notion of bridging academic with engineering, and technology is not only a matter of fact but rather a purpose.

From augmented reality personification in a history class, to gamified lessons in science, and flipped classrooms in the arts, students are given an educational experience that engulfs their hobbies and curricula in practicum within environmental experiences they desire to engage.

Redefining institutional boundaries, while still participating in authoritative curricula is key to understanding the mind-set of this fully digital generation. As an advocate of disruptive innovation, ISSTA is proud to offer an Innovation and Incubation Program called Bright Ideas, whereby students can become fully vested in the preparation of technology laboratories, and intellectual property applications for methods and apparatus'. Students can design graphics worthy of trademarking, facilitate the incubation of new medical technologies, or advance existing products and services in the open market. This extra-curricular program provides research, state-of-the-art tools, amd faculty whose experience range in both industry and academia. The objective of a program as such is not simply to generate a Certificate of Measure in Innovation and Incubation but to fully prepare student entrepreneurs and innovators to capitalize on various inventions, and modifications of inventions of products or services in the marketplace. By and through a proprietary shared agreement, ISSTA helps to fund these student projects with the expectation that they will yield success in the child's future, as well as foster growth for ISSTA's reputation and credibility in research for the future. This collaborative experience is unlike any other in the United States.

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Bright Ideas Curriculum

Each child will be required to take at least two after-school courses in addition to the completion of their project each year throughout their tenure in the program. This program is only open to juniors and seniors, and requires a 3.0 GPA in all courses. The available courses for the program include: