Recreational Activities

Recreational Activities

While students at top boarding schools are expected to work hard to achieve good grades, socializing and having fun is just as important, with a range of extracurricular activities available where they can relax, make friends, and enjoy themselves during their spare time.

At ISSTA, a big part of the recreational calendar for students is the school's regular weekend excursions. These exciting trips include a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor activities, fun days out, and even enriching educational experiences.

The weekend excursions on offer can vary from year to year, but here are just of a few of the fun activities which students are able to enjoy:

  • Campus outings to nearby Disney World where students can not only have a great time, but also learn about the college internships and externships available to them when in college or university.

  • Florida is also home to a ton of museums from Madame Tausad's Wax Museum to an exhibit that centers around the Titanic, the infamous ship that sank in the early 1900's. Student can not only enjoy the great weather, and unique experiences at these local sites, but can also get a more diverse educational experience.

  • Learning about the natural aquatic life in Florida is another avid part of the recreational activities offered. From beach clean ups to Save the Whales rallies, students can participate in Everglades Airboat tours, or even swim with Dolphins. With neighboring Seaworld not too far away, students can enjoy learning about marine biology, and immerse themselves in amazing underwater experiences.

Other awesome experiences that encourage bonding between students and faculty alike are bowling outings, laser tag, hiking, performing arts events on campus, sports activities, on-campus dances and holiday adventures, camping, and even community service. The ISSTA adventure sparks creativity and excitement where've the students go, on and off campus, in and out of the classroom.