Medical Services

and Helipad

Medical Services

The concept of a family practice doctor, as we know it now, is rather new. For most of our modern history the doctor was someone connected with the family. The doctor knew their patients-they knew their medical history, their occupation, and often even a good bit about their daily habits. They knew the names of their patient's children, and might have even been there when the kids were born. The doctor was someone who served the family and the community. They made house calls. They spent time following up on health concerns.

On the ISSTA campus, our students reside together all year long and on occasion need to see or speak to a physician for various concerns. While ISSTA does provide a nurse practitioner on staff daily, it also has a routine physician that comes to the campus and makes those traditional house calls our families are so used to. ISSTA also has partnered with a medical organization that allows students to be seen in a tele-health environment when the nurse practitioner or on-site physician needs additional assistance from a specialist or during off house when a medical doctor is needed.

Between the available nursing staff, helipad transportation to nearby hospitals, other medical facilities, as well as a telehealth platform available to students, faculty, and staff, the ISSTA family is sure to be protected and taken care of at all times.

In case of emergency there are several nearby hospitals in the immediate area. You may view the list here at the Florida Hospital Association


Additionally, for emergency situations ISSTA will be equipped with a heli-pad making the need to leave the campus almost instantaneous.

A helipad will provide expedited and expanded access fulfilling complex services we cannot fill on campus. Critical care for an injured party or a necessary immediate flight off campus for other important occurrences.

The helipad platform will be fully equipped with the most up-to-date technology on locations, runways, taxiways, radio frequencies, and the like in order to operate successfully.