Dry Cleaning Services

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

Our school prides itself on providing laundry and dry cleaning services for our students so that they may be well groomed regularly, and in compliance with school dress code. Laundry services are offered 2x per week on a fixed schedule. Each student may fill out the Laundry Request form requesting services. Laundry is to be placed in the assigned dorm room bag and placed outside the dorm room on the scheduled pick up day. Items that need dry cleaning will be labeled with a sticker for dry cleaning services. The wonderful thing about having such services available to students is that they can simply use their ISSTA Cash Card to pay for the services. As each card is attached to the individual's ISSTA account - they simply submit their identification number associated with the Cash Card on the form that will be placed in the bag for pick up.

If interested in a Laundry Item/Cash Card Form, it can be found here and is downloadable and printable for your convenience.