Competitive Advantage


The high school of tomorrow, TODAY!

The realization of the ISSTA project is to build a high school with all the elements of an academically rigorous institution, technologicallly advanced, in a green, university-campus lifestyle for a diverse student population: the why ISSTA came to fruition.

Prior to building the intellectual and physical properties of ISSTA, there was much thought on how to set ourselves apart from the traditional boarding school, and the generic public or private high school. The vision for the school was to truly immerse our youth in an extended university style environment, where students would fulfill fundamental academic objectives, but also begin their future in the present. Traditional college style campuses have always been for college or university age students. Academic programs in innovation and sustainability have always been extracurricular. A green campus environment has been introduced, but once in the "now", nothing more came out of the introduction.

ISSTA is the first transformative high school bridging the gap between public and private, the attainable and not, and the future with the present. ISSTA prides itself on the novel and unique competitive advantage it provides to a global student population giving everyone an opportunity to experience their future making a difference TODAY.

With world-wide recognition, and a program that meets the academic and lifestyle needs of a global student population, it is no wonder ISSTA has received accolades from so many. ISSTA is led by a Board of Trustees and Executive Team unmatched in experience and education. ISSTA is proud to share these rewarding benefits with their students and respective families.

✓ISSTA is a campus comprised of male and female residence halls, completely separate and age appropriate. Each of these residences is located on different parts of campus and are equipped with technology ports, dining lounges, study areas, and security personnel.

✓ISSTA furthers the LEED and Green Initiatives through the academic Global Sustainability Certificate Program, and for students interested in our agricultural track, they will grow fruits and vegetables in our on-site greenhouses.

✓ISSTA is a private institution with reduced tuition for US public high school students interested in global food production and sustainability.

✓ISSTA students enjoy a university like campus with an International Food Court, Book Store, General Marketplace and Dining Events bringing our diverse students together.

✓ISSTA welcomes the local community providing a professional Sports Arena comprised of a state-of-the-art health and wellness center, pool, juice bar, and solar roof maintaining emphasis on Green Living.

✓ISSTA also welcomes the local community proudly participating and housing one of the most extensive and renowned fine arts programs in the world. The Performing Arts Centre allows for Broadway Style Performances, and courses such as; ceramics and pottery, to photography, graphic design, set production, music, song-writing, and more will be taught in this vibrant environment. It is no wonder the local community will enjoy partaking in the theatrical productions which will take place each year.

✓ISSTA spans the gamut of educational opportunities for students to participate in programs like the Innovation & Incubation Certificate Program, an innovation incubator that fosters intellectual property acquisition, product invention, and scientific lab creations. Programs such as this, further the expertise of students as it pertains to utilizing their creativity to create something of matter. These programs teach students about business, manufacturing, supply chains, logistics, organizational behavior, and the like allowing them to participate in competitions with other schools and set goals of Venture and Adventure.

✓ISSTA provides more than an amazing environment, but a lifestyle to meet the needs of our students with convenient services to ease the transition for domestic and international students into a boarding school environment. Concierge Medical Services, Travel, Dry Cleaning, Meal Delivery, and Housekeeping, are just some of the available amenities to assist students in making their live on campus simpler thus, allowing them to learn important life skills like doing their own laundry, maintaining proper hygiene and living amongst a multicultural student community.

✓ISSTA is in every respect a "smart school", and only minutes from amazing extracurricular opportunities for our students. These venues include: Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and the Kennedy Space Center among many others.