Attorney Eloise Gomez Reyes has spent her lifetime fighting for families in southern California. Her passion is equal access to justice –social justice, legal justice, gender justice, environmental justice. She has always been a leader fighting alongside those who seek a better community and a better world.

For the past 25 years Eloise has unselfishly dedicated much of her free time, treasures and talents to helping the indigent. She has been a member of the Inland Empire Latino Lawyers Association which has Legal Aid Clinics in the Inland Empire.

As an attorney, her private practice has focused on workers’ compensation and personal injury. For the past 20 years, Eloise has represented countless workers, families, and small businesses helping them with everything from jobs and employment to Social Security, pensions and insurance to disability and medical treatment. Most recently, she helped to found VALOR Youth Foundation, was a co-founder of the Inland Empire Community Health Center in Bloomington, and is on the Executive Board for the Children’s’ Spine Foundation. Eloise serves on various other Boards in the community including: Inland Empire Latino Lawyers Assoc., SBVC Foundation Board, and National Orange Show Board of Directors. Eloise was commissioned for a five-year term as an advocate with the Mexican Consulate for San Bernardino, California.

Eloise has been a Court Appointed Arbitrator, Personnel Board Member and Judge Pro-Tem. Most recently, Eloise ran for a coveted Congressional seat in the State of California raising one million dollars. Although short of winning the election by only 781 votes, many believe her candidacy increased voter participation -especially among the disenfranchised voters.